About Us

Mateza is the first marketing studio in Belgium for ambitious restaurant chains. We work tailored to each client to be able to offer the best possible result.

Our team is experienced in the field of online promotion. We have a strong focus on building successful brands in the short and long term.

The Team

Thibault Van de Sompele founded Mateza because of his unique experience in both programming and marketing.

This provided Thibault with a unique perspective on the world of digital marketing, allowing him to bring local regional brands into the living rooms of hundreds of thousands of people.

Ian supports the company strategically, legally, and financially with his experience in business and banking.

Ian Quyo

Thibault Van de Sompele

Founder of Mateza Thibault

"Digital Marketing is My Passion Since I'm 15"

I remember my first customer very well. I was only 15 years old and we entered a local ice cream shop. The business needed help with their social media marketing. We offered that help.

The result:
More than half a million impressions after 3 months and even 360,000 impressions in one day after a post went viral.

8 years later, our techniques have changed a lot. We use our own AI systems and know that quality is more important than just impressions.